Case Steel

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We are currently selling Case knives with 2 different types of steel.  The most common is the Tru-Sharp™ surgical steel (“SS”), the other is the original Chrome Vanadium (“CV”).  Case will stamp onto the tang of the knife, the model of the knife along with SS or CV to indicate which steel the blade(s) are made of.  

Tru-Sharp™ surgical steel (“SS”)

This is a high-carbon steel that offers extraordinary blade strength and corrosion resistance.  Their strength helps the blades hold an edge longer than conventional steel.

Chrome Vanadium (CV)

This is one of Case's original steels. This special formula of alloyed cutlery steel is known for its ease of re-sharpening.  A quick touch-up will bring back a chrome vanadium blade’s original sharp edge. (Extra care is needed with CV. A thin film of oil should be kept on the blade to maintain the finish of the steel.)

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